The African continent is the world's fastest growing region with a population of 1.4 billion that is expected to nearly double by 2050. This phenomenal population growth presents a golden opportunity for cocoa, coffee and tea producers to expand their domestic markerts. Traditionally, African countries have exported raw cocoa,coffee and tea to European ,Asian and American markets where they are processed into finished products for sale globally. This practice has denied Africa the chance to grow capacity in the value addition of the three major cashcrops.

African governments are determined to change this narrative by encouraging value addition and promoting entreprenuership around cocoa,coffee and tea industry to increase employment as well as fetch higher revenues by exporting processed and finished products to the global market.

Why Attend

The overall picture is that due to the high population growth rate and rapid urbanization, consumption trends among the majority youthful population in Africa are changing and leaning more towards . Chocolates and other cocoa products are now in demand more than was the case 5 years ago. The same applies for coffee and tea. The event will focus on the commercialisation and technological developments impacting the entire cocoa,coffee and tea value chain.

The COCOA, COFFEE & TEA FAIR will address the key issues by delivering insightful presentations from leading experts and stakeholders across the globe with a focus on ‘GROWING LOCAL DEMAND & PROMOTING ENTREPRENUERSHIP AROUND COCOA,COFFEE & TEA’ The event will feature interactive panel discussions, practical sessions, and excellent networking opportunities as well as an open to the public 3 day fair that allows brands and organizations to meet , interract and directly sell to the public. This collaborative format will allow the attendees to walk away with invaluable insights and practical takeaways.

Upcoming Exhibition Event

7th - 9th JUNE 2024



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